Woolston Eyes News

Sightings of note - last seven days

18 May. Drake Garganey, 37 Black-tailed Godwits flying west & 4 oystercatchers over, all No3 bed. Pergrines brooding small young.

17 May. Cuckoo, Marsh Harrier, Osprey No3 bed, Yellow Wagtail in field north No1 bed.

16 May. Drake Garganey, Oystercatcher & Curlew No3 bed + eastward flyover Bar-tailed Godwit.

14 May. Drake Garganey and Hobby No3 bed. Female Garganey on Vikki’s Island - (shell covered) No3 bed.

13 May. Marsh Harrier from No3 bed to No2 bed

12 May. Med Gull No3 bed.

11May. Garden War bler centre No3 and Cuckoo. Female Redstart caught & ringed on No1 bed. Marsh Harrier in evening No3 bed.

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