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Here is a quick update on the situation at Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve.

Following a slight relaxation in the government’s Covid-19 guidance wardens have returned to the Reserve to provide security and species monitoring, as well as to start preparing the reserve for a future reopening, when it is judged safe to do so.

We will provide further updates as the situation evolves. Thanks again to everyone for your understanding in this difficult time and for all the messages of support.

Our Chairman has added a note on permit renewal below:

First of all can I thank all of you who have supported us by renewing your permits this year. The income from permits is vital for us to carry out routine maintenance work on the reserve. As you will be aware we had to close the reserve for obvious reasons.

This is to let you know our policy regarding payment. We will refund any fees paid this year on a pro rata basis when we know how long the reserve has been closed. Some people have indicated they are prepared to forego their refund, so when the time comes I need to know who wishes to be refunded. If you do not require a refund then there is no need to do anything. I will ask those people who require a refund to apply in writing, the refund can be a cheque, in which case a self stamped addressed envelope will be required or bank transfer in which case just a letter with your bank details will suffice.

In the meantime keep safe and Thank you.

Regards, Brian Ankers


Original Artwork by The Renowned Wildlife Artist & Eyes Supporter Colin Woolf....

Colin Woolf has kindly supported the Woolston Eyes Conservation Group with unique original artwork for the covers of their Annual Reports over many years. The 2019 Annual Report, being compiled now, features a cover of a female Garganey and her six young to celebrate the addition of this species to the Woolston breeding list in 2019. The original fine art, pure watercolour, of the Garganey has just been completed and is being advertised for sale through Colin’s digital outlets. This beautiful painting from one of the UK’s leading wildlife artists is being offered for sale for £1250.00. Please view this unique artwork on any of the links below and if you are interested in owning it please contact Colin direct via the forms and links in his platforms.

Colin Woolf, Facebook

Colin Woolf, Wildlife Watercolour Paintings

Woolston Eyes development of No.4 bed deposit ground

Visitors will know that work has recently started on the improvement of No.4 bed wetland for nature. Due to the use of heavy machinery and earthworks, health and safety concerns dictate that the whole of the bed is officially closed to visitors whilst the development work is in progress. All access is restricted to persons involved in the development and all persons must sign in at the site office on entering and must wear Hi-vis jackets or vests and hard hats for visibility and protection.

Updates on the progress of the improvements will be posted on the Woolston Eyes Facebook pages and the website as the development progresses. Please read our January 2020 Newsletter in the scrolling ‘News Section’ for the latest update. We ask all our permit holders, wardens and members of the public to please refrain from entering the site, follow the news updates and await the re-opening on completion of this first phase of the improvement work around the end of March 2020

W.E.C.G. - Woolston Eyes Conservation Group

ARE YOU INTERESTED in helping in the habitat management of the Reserve...?

If you have ever considered getting more involved in the Reserve then why not help us as a volunteer on a regular basis or on occasional days or projects? Email us through the website contact tab preferably, but via mobile also between 08:30 and 16:00 hours on 08731230181.