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You can support Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve and conservation effort by becoming a permit holder.

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You can support Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve and conservation effort by making a donation.

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PLEASE NOTE: Because the Enviro-loo Toilet on No.3 bed is out of order and closed we are pleased to inform you that we have now installed a new convenience for your convenience!!

A Portaloo is now situated adjacent to the footbridge. As part of the hire charge it will be cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis. As you can imagine there will be additional costs to the charity (WECG) so any donations to the loo fund would be most welcome. Click here to donate….

Brian Ankers Chairman

PLEASE REMEMBER that all visitors to the Reserve must be in possession of a current permit. Annual single and family permits application is via this website - see below in the Become a Permit Holder box. Existing permit holders should have renewed their permits by 1st April 2022.


Original Artwork by The Renowned Wildlife Artist & Eyes Supporter Colin Woolf....

Colin Woolf has kindly supported the Woolston Eyes Conservation Group with unique original artwork for the covers of our Annual Reports over many years. Please have a look at Colin’s paintings and drawings via the following link to his website, Colin Woolfe Fine Art, were you can purchase an original piece or a print.

Colin Woolf, Wildlife Watercolour Paintings

Footpaths on No 3 Bed

There is only one footpath on No3 bed which runs in a circle inside the perimeter bund with signposted access paths leading off to the various hides. All other tracks you may see are access tracks for maintenance work or warden survey workers which will be signposted, ‘No Entry’ or taped off. Please do not enter these tracks. At times you may see unmarked tracks to ringing nets when bird ringing is in process, PLEASE DO NOT approach these nets as your presence will agitate any birds caught and may lead to injury to the birds. All bird ringers are licensed by the British Trust for Ornithology.


ARE YOU INTERESTED in helping in the habitat management of the Reserve...?

If you have ever considered getting more involved in the Reserve then why not help us as a volunteer on a regular basis or on occasional days or projects? Email us through the website contact tab preferably, but via mobile also between 08:30 and 16:00 hours on 08731230181.