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PLEASE NOTE: THE RESERVE WILL CLOSE AT 16:00 HOURS (4:00PM) COMMENCING SUNDAY 25th OCTOBER. The notice on the footbridge gate will also change, please time your visit accordingly to ensure you vacate the site before the new closing time.

The Reserve opening time remains as always 08:00 hours. Please also remember and respect our Covid restrictions, listed below, were introduced to keep all of us safer and still apply.

We’ll be limiting the capacity of all five hides, so there will only be seating for ten people at any one time, In the light of this we won’t be able to accept group visits for the moment. Wardens will also be asked to give seating priority to visitors.

All hide doors and windows MUST be kept open when hides are occupied and hands should be sanitised after handling locks, gates etc. so please bring hand sanitiser with you, though we will also provide a sanitising station below the Morgan Hide.

While we aren’t requiring face masks to be worn in hides, we would appreciate people using them.

The paths inside the bed have now been cut wider to allow adequate passage space to eliminate the need for the previous one-way system.