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As you are aware the Trustees closed the Reserve on Monday evening 23rd March to support the strategy to slow the spread of Covid-19 and for the safety of our volunteers and visitors. The Reserve still remains closed but our Chairman has added a note about permit renewal below.

WECG covid-19 refund policy

First of all can I thank all of you who have supported us by renewing your permits this year. The income from permits is vital for us to carry out routine maintenance work on the reserve. As you will be aware we had to close the reserve for obvious reasons.

This is to let you know our policy regarding payment. We will refund any fees paid this year on a pro rata basis when we know how long the reserve has been closed. Some people have indicated they are prepared to forego their refund, so when the time comes I need to know who wishes to be refunded. If you do not require a refund then there is no need to do anything. I will ask those people who require a refund to apply in writing, the refund can be a cheque, in which case a self stamped addressed envelope will be required or bank transfer in which case just a letter with your bank details will suffice.

In the meantime keep safe and Thank you.

Regards, Brian Ankers