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Woolston Eyes New Wetland No4 bed

Visitors will know that work started in 2020 on the improvement of No.4 bed wetland for nature. The western part of the new wetland is now open to visit by permit holders.

Entry to the site is up the gated ramp around 120 metres from the first barrier from Thelwall Lane. A car parking area has been created on the left hand side just before the ramp. Please use this when visiting and park at 90 degrees to the track to allow for the maximum number of cars without reducing the width of the track for access by commercial vehicles. The footpath leads around the gate on the ramp and approx. 50m up, as the ramp levels off, a signpost informs all visitors to bear left - please do not pass this sign and follow the contractors track as this is still in use. The path takes you around the western perimeter of the bed to view the completed wetland looking east at various viewpoints and then up to the Loop area and beyond where the hide and viewing platform are located. This path is the only path on the bed in use and to exit you retrace your route in, back to the entrance.

CLICK HEREā€¦ to download a map of No4 bed showing footpath, hide and platform

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