From the 31st October the Reserve will be open from 08:00 hours until 16:00 hours every day of the week. Please take note of the closing hour, on the footbridge entrance gate, whenever you visit to ensure you can leave timely to avoid being locked in. WECG

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If you wish to assist the Reserve in regular voluntary work regarding site maintenance please contact our Warden, Ashley Radford, ‘Ash’ as he prefers, directly between 09:00 and 16:00 hrs via Mob 07792 102642 or via email at

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  • WECG 2015 Annual Report

    It is still possible to purchase an electronic, pdf copy with additional photographs, of our 2015 Annual Report at £2.00 a copy. Order by downloading Read more...

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A fine start to the day but it came on to rain just as I was starting to walk round No.4 bed so a rather damp ending! Birds of interest included a male Stonechat on fields to the north of No.1 bed. A Kingfisher was on the canal near Butchersfield Tip Read more...

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